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CXG is a fast-growing EU-based BPO provider with a proven track record in industries including: Electronic Invoicing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, IT and Data Services.

Back in 2009 we set out to find the sweet spot between outsourcing and a standard business model. We believe we bring the best of both worlds and help our clients optimize costs and streamline their process. We offer recruitment and HR management, facilities, set up and maintenance and IT equipment and support, data cleanse and research activities.

We are committed to providing an exemplary service believe outsourcing is driven by quality, not cost. We know one size doesn't fit all. Our integrated BPO model can be tailored to make a difference to any business process and unit.  

Our hybrid BPO model is for companies that would like to:

•outsource the entire process but want to keep the right of first-hand management and control,

•seek complete transparency of the whole process,

•be directly involved in the recruitment process,

•directly supervise the performance and implementation.

The hard work of creating the “formula” and making it work is now done;

-Developed HR, Admin and IT departments

-Established reputation


-Office facilities and maintenance;

-IT equipment, servers

-Advantage of size – no negative feedback from employees in social channels;

-Size – growing rapidly – from a mere of 21 to 120 within 6 years = attractive

-Member of BOA (Bulgarian Outsourcing Association)


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